Saturday, June 21, 2014

After 3 nights in Hofn we left early this morning and embarked on a 7 hour bus ride to Akureyki. About 6 hours into the trip, Austin see's a sign for an auto museum and of course freaks out. He asks to go and Peter says yes. So we get to the auto museum and it is a medium size house and in front of the house was 10 or 15 old cars. So we walk inside and its this amazing collection of classic cars in pretty good condition for how old they are. Austin enlightened us with his knowledge of cars and it was very interesting to learn about the history.  My favorites were the 1954 green mercedes and the 1952 black Packard.  The man who currently owns the museum, took it over when his father died. His father started a car garage and collecting in the early 1950s. So overall it was a very cool experience. We were only a few minutes away from Akureyki when I began to see these beautiful mountains peaking from underneath the fog and a town in the distance...we had finally arrived! We got settled in our hostel and saw our friends from Holland that we met in Hofn. I unpacked and began to do the usual editing/down time. While doing that, the boys brought in pizza and we had ourselves a little pizza party! Funny because the pizza was from dominoes... haha.  Now it is morning, and my roommates, Paige and Erika, and I are getting ready for whale watching! Today is the summer solstice so it will definitely be a long and eventful day.


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