Saturday, June 14, 2014

Waterfalls and geysers filled the day. Today we woke up early and drove about 45 minutes to a beautiful lake. Behind the lake, vast green land surrounded the lake on all sides. The mountains made huge reflecting impressions on the water and I took some great shots. After that we went to the geysers. The geysers exploded boiling hot water every 5 minutes. It was extremely difficult to capture the explosion because it only lasted for about 7 seconds. Erica taught me a lot about aperture and how to really focus a subject which helped greatly. But the best of the day was Gullfoss, the breathtaking waterfall. Gian Luca let me borrow his tripod because mine was experiencing difficulty. 500 shots later and 15 shots with great potential, we left to go to the cabins. Currently it is 12:37 am and I am sitting on a chair outside, shivering just a bit. Why? The lighting is perfect and I'm Chase's subject in his photos. I don't mind as long as I look good in these photo's... lol jk. The cabins that we are staying in are beautiful. They are so nice. A bit isolated but in the best way. I look outside and I see vast green mountains, vibrant flowers, and this striking black and white Icelandic horse. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very busy day so I probably will not blog and I probably will not have wifi. Goodnight!


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