Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 7
I’m on Day 8 right now but due to our busy schedules, erratic wifi, and my need for sleep I’m one day behind so I’m just going to tell you about yesterday… 
Yesterday we packed up our tents and headed off to Zodiac Boat Tours. The Zodiac Boat Tour was a small boat that took us around an Iceberg Lagoon. Before we got situated Erika, Molly, Sam, and I decided that it would be smart to go to the restroom before the tour started. We started walking and half way there a swarm of birds started screeching at us and almost attacked us, it was so scary but so funny. Thankfully we made it to the restroom and back in one piece. After that ordeal, we got suited up and split up into two boats in freezing cold water. Our driver was ya know the usual Icelandic blonde hair, blue eyed guy, no big deal. He carefully guided the motorboat around the icebergs and I got some amazing shots of the Icebergs and ice wall. After the tour we drive down the street to the black sand beach and spent about an hour on the beach taking shots of the icebergs on the sand and in the water… no doubt the coolest beach I have ever been to. Tota made us lunch and we sat on a log on the beach looking out at the water. Time was precious and we had to make it to Hofn before dark… just kidding because it doesn’t get dark here in Iceland.. haha. The bus ride to Hofn was about an hour and I slept mostly the whole way. Mid bus ride Gian Luca woke everybody up and stopped the bus because out in the middle of nowhere there was a group of Reindeer. It was surreal to see real Reindeer in their natural environment. Though they only live in my memory because I was half asleep when I saw them and did not have time to get my camera out. So just take my word on it. It happened. We got to Hofn and that is where I am right now as I am typing this. Hofn is a very small but beautiful town. Fishing is a big deal in Hofn and they are known for the best lobster in Iceland. We had a couple of hours of editing/down time and then walked the streets of Hofn to a restaurant called Kaffi Hornid. Kaffi Hornid translates to Corner Cafe. I ordered the best lobster pasta and now I know why they are famous for their lobster. After dinner we all came back to the hostel and I stayed up til about 12 which was pretty good for me and then went to sleep. And Im so happy right now because I just saw Tota holding about 4 trays of lobster getting ready to grill them…Tota always goes above and beyond for us, she's the best cook. 

Now for today, I’ll make it short and sweet. 

It was our first exploring day in Hofn. We walked along the Harbor and had lunch at this adorable hotdog stand. Icelandic hotdogs are different from American ones. They are made with lamb meat, and they are amazing. Erika and Peter split us up into 4 person groups and gave us a scavenger hunt. We got to walk around Hofn, taking photo’s of certain elements or words. My group was Paiton, Lauren, and Bora… So it was basically Bora’s crew, an inside joke between my nat geo group, sorry. Anyways, we walked around Hofn and I saw about 4 land rover discovery’s. For anyone who doesn't know what that is… it is the coolest car that unfortunately isn't available in the U.S because it doesn't have airbags. I saw one by the grocery store and I asked the guys coming out of it if I could take a photo. They said of course but they asked if I wanted them in it and I was like sure why not and then one of them says, “Hold on let us get dressed.” The guys went behind the car and came out wearing american flag underwear over their pants, it was hilarious! They posed in front of the land rover discovery and the photo I got is one of my favorites. We made our way back to the hot dog stand and the little girl working there, about 13, ran up to me and gave me a little trinket. I dont know what it is with these Icelandic kids but they are so sweet and welcoming and they keep giving me gifts! I love it… Now I am in the Hostel sitting with Chase, Paige, and Brianna. They are all incredible photographers and Brianna just complimented one of my photos and told me I was good, that made me feel great to hear that from her. The door is open and I’m smelling Tota’s cooking so I’m going to go and try to steal a bite of something… Okay I am back. Dinner was a success. Tonight was really great because we all gave Erika and Peter our top 2 favorite photos and they put them up on the projector. We looked at each photo and critiqued them. It was very helpful to receive the whole groups input and what  they liked and what they did not like. Another piece of exciting news… we get to sleep in til 9 am!!! Good night.


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